Print Outsourcing

Through a detailed and personalized analysis, our technicians prepare an ideal plan to meet your needs.

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Digitization / GED / ECM

Assisti offers scanning solutions following several steps for the correct electronic management of your documents.

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Diagnostic Printing (DMI)

The total solution for the area of Health, economy and high quality with Medical Imaging Diagnostic Printing (DMI).

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Signage Solutions

We offer Video Wall solutions for displaying images on multiple screens. Technology and quality at your disposal.

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With Assisti you will revolutionize your impressions, acquiring equipment will be much easier!

Printers and Multifunction

Outsourcing de impressoras Multifuncionais

»Equipment with unparalleled performance in multi-user environments

»Print your documents even when you are out of the office

»Ideal to organize the print queue, avoid stoppages and waste of time

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Outsourcing de Plotter para Fotógrafos e Designers, empresas de engenharia, etc.

»Perfect for Architecture, Engineering, etc.

»Durability in printing posters, photos and screens that value your creations

»HP quality and reliability to further impress customers

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Thermal Printers

»Thermal printing for information and invoices.

»Printing of Badges, Labels, etc.

»Models for table, wall, mobile, check.

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Outsourcing PC's and MiniPC's

»Check out the line of PC’s and MiniPC’s for your company, from desktops, workstations and all-in-ones to notebooks, tablets and cell phones.

»HP and Apple products with high performance!

»Servers and Storages of high quality, low noise and economic.

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Scanners and Digitizers

Outsourcing de scanners e digitalizadoras, serviço de digitalização e documentação.

»Perfect for Law Offices, Engineering, etc.

»Easy organization of your scans, high capacity and automation.

»HP quality and reliability to further impress customers

Simplify your life without paper »

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